Our Story

Why We Chose This Path

“Along my path of birth, foster and adoptive and Mom I dreamed of combining the things I hold close to my heart with my passion love and empathy for others through my unique handmade items.

May these items tug at your heartstrings as they do mine.”

Every business has a beginning, after a 30 year career in the corporate world. It was clear that I was needed at home. Again, I had kids that were young and needed extra care and support.

But how was I going to help provide for my family. I once was the primary provider and now, I was walking away from the stress, headache, deadlines, and politics; but also, from the money of the corporate world. I was glad I had the experience of working and managing great people for two large corporations. However, my focus was on my little home business and trying to make it succeed and grow.